Cleanroom Service and Maintenance

  • Facility Air Balancing
    Cleanroom Systems International has a significant experience in adjusting and balancing the air system of cleanrooms in order to obtain the intended designed performance.
  • Filter Maintenance
    Filter maintenance is very important aspect of cleanroom performance. Correct type and correct installation of filters maintain the classification of cleanrooms, which are based on the particulate level.
  • HEPA replacement
    In normal use, the HEPA filters should be replaced when the change out pressure has been reached or it fails the integrity test.
    HEPA filter is very delicate and require special care while handling and the installation.
    To provide good seal the HEPA is attached to the filter retainer and the clamp mechanism. Sometimes this clamp is spring loaded. It’s crucial that new HEPA is secured in a place ensuring good seal.
    After replacement, flow has to adjusted and pressure differential across filter to be checked. It’s necessary to validate the HEPA and its installation, through the integrity test.
  • Decontamination Of Biosafety Cabinets
    Decontamination of Bio Safety cabinet is important for many reasons, such as keeping you and your laboratory safe from harmful toxins and spills while working in the BSC, and also for the validity of your experiments. Cleanroom Systems uses hydrogen peroxide fogging for an effective decontamination for Biosafety Cabinet.
  • Onsite troubleshooting and repair
    Our team of service technicians have an in depth knowledge of the operational and maintenance requirement of the air system equipment. We are quick to attend any breakdown, call outs, replacement and repair. At this stage, we attend clients who have preventive maintenance contract with us.
  • Preventive maintenance of air System
    The air system requires checking and/or maintenance at regular intervals to ensure that the services provided continue to operate at optimum efficiency.