Powder Containment

The Cleanair PC 1000 laminar flow powder containment cabinet draws air in over the sash opening and through the filters. Some air is discharged through high efficiency final filters and the other through HEPA filters before being directed in a unidirectional flow over the work zone thus protecting the background environment and the work zone from airborne contamination.

 When correctly installed, tested and adjusted, the laminar flow powder containment cabinet provides air cleanness of ISO class 5 n the work zone.

 The uniform airflow pattern suppresses product fly and flushes it down and towards the low level filtration intake, away from operator air passages.

 The air exhaust located at the bottom rear part of the cabinet is installed with a high efficiency filter. Total of 30% of air is exhausted. This creates natural inflow through the front sash opening, creating air barrier and containing the product sampled in the cabinet.  

This cabinet provides product, personnel and environment protection from particulate contamination.

Features :

  • HEPA filtered laminar air over the work area
  • HEPA filtered discharge/exhaust air
  • High capacity pre-filters to prolong HEPA filter life
  • Light over work area
  • Magnehelic gauge indicating cabinet running
  • Stainless steel work tray and fluid catcher
  • Heavy duty castors with locks on two
  • Low centre of gravity making the cabinet safe to move around
  • Knee relief to improve operator comfort
  • General power outlet to facilitate power for scales or blender etc
  • Work height above the floor 900 mm
  • All fans mounted in the based to reduce vibration

We can design and build custom-made model as per the various application and customer requirements.

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