cleanroom testing

cleanroom testing

Primary Tests

The primary tests are related to airborne particulate cleanliness classes as required by ISO 14644. In general, the primary tests should be performed in the order that will be most beneficial to the project being certified. By performing these tests, the cleanroom will be correctly classified to the appropriate class level.

These tests include:

a. Airflow Velocity and Uniformity Tests                                               AS1807.3

b. Airflow Volume Test                                                                         ISO14644-3, AS1807.3, AS1807.1

c. HEPA Filter Installation Leak Tests                                                 AS 1807.6

d. Airborne Particle Count Cleanliness Classification Tests               ISO14644-1

e. Air Pressure Differential                                                                  AS1807.10

Secondary Tests

The secondary tests are user optional and relate to particle, air movement and ancillary systems within the cleanroom. These tests include:

a. Airflow Parallelism Tests                                                                  AS 1807.11

b. Recovery Tests                                                                                AS 1807.24

c. Lighting Level Test                                                                           AS 1807.15

d. Sound Level Tests                                                                           AS 1807.16

f. Temperature and Humidity Tests.                                                    AS 1807.12, AS1807.3

k. Non terminal HEPA Filter Leak Test                                                AS 1807.7